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Rice Paper- 6 sheets, 5" by 6". We carry top grade rice paper imported from the Orient.  It is delicate yet full bodied and  takes paint beautifully. It can be sprayed, dyed with acrylic inks or painted with acrylic paints that have been thinned with water.  This paper is slightly textured on one side and smooth on the other.  Each pack includes a sheet of painting suggestions and tips.

Item #RICE 
Price  $2.00

Item: RICE
Price: $2.00


Silk Linen/Japanese Cotton Crepe Paper- 6 sheets, 5"x 6". This paper is the best quality available!  It is made by hand and imported from Japan.  It can be sprayed, dyed with acrylic inks or painted with acrylic paint that has been thinned with water.   It has a wonderful texture and has a slight stretch to it that responds beautifully when shaped with a stylus.  Included in each packet is a sheet of painting tips and suggestions.

Item: #SLP
Price:$ 3.00

Item: SLP
Price: $3.00


Stylus  -  A stylus is used to shape and curl the petals of your paper flowers.  This stylus is double ended, two different size balls.


PRICE $ 3.50

Item: STYLUS-1
Price: $3.50


Tweezer- These tweezers have the finest points available.  I keep several pair handy and use them for absolutely anything and everything.


PRICE $ 6.00

Price: $6.00


Paper Covered Floral Wire-  We are proud to offer the best quality paper covered floral wire available, at the most reasonable price.  It can be used as is or painted with acrylic paints.  Imported from Japan, it comes 200 pieces per package in  #30, #28, #26,#24 gauges, and 100 pieces per pack in gauges #22 and #20, each piece is 14" long.  Wire gauges (diameter) graduate from the thickest #20, to the thinnest  #30.    (PLEASE NOTE:  Actual shipping costs will be based on the weight of the wire to be shipped.  Larger gauge wire and/or multiple packages may cost more to ship.  Shipping outside the United States requires additional postage.  I will e-mail you the shipping cost before I ship the wire.)  Due to the current change in the  Exchange rate and rising international shipping costs,  we have been forced to increase the the price of wire.

Item: #WIRE

Price: $15.00

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Item: WIRE