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African Violet - Blue ceramic pot containing a hand painted pink African Violet complete with velvet textured leaves and buds.
Item: AV99
Price: $24.00


   Here we have a Nidularium Bromeliad in a terra cotta pot.  It is commonly referred to as the "birds nest" Bromeliad  due to the fact that the center turns bright red at flowering time.  It measures approximately 7/8' tall and 7/8" in dia.


Item: BRO09
Price: $30.00


  Small terra cotta bowl containing a trio of hand painted Cryptanthus (Bromeliad family)  It is rust with green edges and has spiked leaves.  It measures approximately " 1/2 tall and 3/4" wide.


Item: CRY03
Price: $30.00

 This terra cotta pot contains a hand painted Tillandsia Bromeliad with slender green leaves and a pink and blue-purple bloom.
Item: BRO50
Price: $30.00

 This vase is hand turned by Michael Hunt of New Zealand.  It contains a hand painted, variegated Achmea Bromeliad with glossy leaves.
Item: BRO11
Price: $35.00


 A pink bisque ceramic vase containing a hand painted and detailed white Amaryllis with green center and petals edged in pink.  It has three blooms and foliage.  It  measures approximately 2" tall by 1" wide.

Item: AMM05
Price: $50.00

 This square, brown and beige speckled planter contains a hand painted and detailed white Amaryllis complete with three blooms, bulb and foliage.  It measures approximately 2" tall, by 1" wide.
Item: AMM03
Price: $75.00

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