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This aged, moldy terra cotta pot contains a hand painted Cattleya Orchid.  It is gold with dark mauve edges and is complete with pseudobulbs, foliage, buds and roots.
Item: CAT200
Price: $59.00

 This gold and brown  swirled, hand blown glass vase contains an Oncidium Orchid with bud and foliage.  It is a brilliant burgundy with yellow throat.
Item: ONC203
Price: $59.00

 This is a hand painted lavender and purple spotted Phalaenopsis Orchid complete with foliage and buds.  It is housed in a hand turned, hand finished wooden vase hand dyed a coordinating blue purple.
Item: PHA130
Price: $59.00

This is a hand painted and detailed pink and rose spotted Phalaenopsis complete with buds and foliage.  It is housed in a beautiful  variegated light and dark gray, hand turned vase.
Item: PHA42
Price: $59.00

  A pale pink hand thrown vase contains a hand painted and detailed Oncidium Orchid complete with foliage.  The vase is by Alex Meiklejohn.
Item: ONC102
Price: $59.00

A hand turned, wooden vase contains a hand painted, dark pink, multiple bloom Phalaenopsis Orchid complete with foliage.
Item: PHA206
Price: $59.00