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Floral Arrangement
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This hand turned wooden vase is home to a tropical arrangement consisting of hand painted and detailed Lotus Blossom and Lotus Leaves accentued by Curly Wilow and green foliage.

Item: FLAGT38
Price: $49.00


This child's Indian Moccasin is made of real leather with a fringed cuff and a beaded design on the toe.  It contains hand painted and detailed yellow and red Gailardia.

Item: FLAGT06
Price: $50.00


This black, ceramic, hand thrown vase contains an arrangement consisting of a hand painted and detailed Sunflower in full bloom  with an additional bud.  It is accented with a delicate tree branch and golden berries branches.  The vase is by Alex Meiklejohn.

Item: FLAGT10
Price: $49.00


This Bamboo vase is home to hand painted Split Leaf Philodendron, white Shell Ginger, Bird of Paradise with foliage and an Orange Dahlia complete with foliage.  The Bamboo vase was hand made by Robert Pearce. 

Item: FLAGT49
Price: $50.00


A tropical arrangement in a delicate orange-rust, round porcelain vase.  It contains hand painted and detailed Bird of Paradise complete with foliage, a large Orange Dahlia and colorful red veined Caladium leaves accented by a delicate tree branch.  The vase was hand thrown by Troy  Schmidt, IGMA Fellow.

Item: FLAGT63
Price: $70.00

This is a black, hand thrown porcelain vase containing hand painted and detailed red Hibiscus, green Split Leaf Philodendron, green Anthurium with tropical foliage.  The vase was created by Troy Schmidt, IGMA Fellow.
Item: FLAGT54
Price: $60.00


This hand turned green and white acrylic vase contains a bouquet of assorted white, pink, rose and red Cosmos.

Item: COS4
Price: $50.00

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