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Nine pocket, terra cotta strawberry jug with 11 hand constructed and hand painted green and red variegated agave plants.

Item: AGV125
Price: $50.00

 Terra Cotta, 5 pocket strawberry jug containing 6 hand constructed and hand painted Graptoveria suculents.
Item: GRA51
Price: $40.00


This "faux" stone pot contains 1 large and 2 small hand painted and detailed variegated Aeoniums.

Item: AEO12
Price: $30.00


This "faux" stone pot contains three hand painted, hand constructed green and red variegated Aeonium.

Item: AEO10
Price: $30.00

 This large terra cotta pot contains hand constructed, hand painted Saguaro, blooming Opuntia, Cereus,  Golden Barrel and blooming Turk's Cap cacti.
Item: CAC100
Price: $50.00